Welcome to the Mehta Technology

Mehta Technology is only networking dedicated data Communications Solution Company, founded in 2006 in Jamnagar in Gujarat. Since our inception we have maintained continuous growth and boast an impressive list of both corporate and small business accounts as well as End-user customers.

Mehta Technology’s dedication to customer service has played a significant role in establishing our excellent reputation. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always available to answer any questions or concerns. We believe the human element is fundamental in ensuring satisfied customers.

Mehta Technology focuses on delivering products and services to help clients build, manage and enhance their distributed branch PC network environments. Our goal is to help companies reduce the total cost of ownership, increase end-user productivity and reduce the risks of migrating to new technologies. We maintain a professional and efficient relationship with our clients. That relationship is invaluable, and it is a relationship that Rowing strives to maintain through all of our activities. Our clients deserve nothing less.

Our network integration expertise, combined with our in-depth knowledge of today’s business environment, places us at the forefront of the technology services marketplace. We provide our customers with integrated and customized business solutions. Our partnership with our client ensures delivery of comprehensive solutions which addresses their most common and pressing management challenges including: lowering the total cost of managing a distributed network, gaining control of the network environment, increasing end-user satisfaction, reducing the risk involved with adopting new technologies, keeping pace with new technologies, and providing technology based solutions for overall business strategies.

Mehta Technology Services

E1 to V.35 Converter

*Connects DTEs having data interfaces to PCM/TDM Networks throgh E1 interfaces
*Option of V.35,V11,Rs-530 or X.21 DTE Interface on data port
*Framed and unframed operation provided.
*Balanced (120Ohm) and unbalanced (75 Ohm) E1 interface Provided.
*Facility for cascading multiple units
*Multiple clocking option for increased versatility
*Menu driven supervisory software for configuration , monitoring and statistics reporting
*Loop back and pattern generation /checking tests for fault isolation

SSL VPN Solution

*This Solution provide a single policy interface to control access from broad range of devices users and network environment
*Granular policy configuation controls enable network administrators to create policy that "lock down" auser to specific applications/resources and prevent remote users from viewing or using restricted network resources
*Allows mobility to the authenticated users to access the personal network from any where inthe world
*No restriction on concurrent user tunnels, allow organizations to scale their remote access connectivity as they frow

Central Access Routers:

*This is modular router which supports high range modules and application
*It is ideal for large and medium sized enterprise's where large scale,High density leased lines , dialup access and VOIP access are needed.

Switching Solution

*Switching solutions are available from simple unmanaged layer 2 with fixed interface structure to highly effcient switch with modular structure with can offer layer 3 routing for doing communication between different VLANS. While this switching solution is devided in following catagory
*Layer2 Simple managed switches: these are simple managed switch for creating VLANs , doing bandwidth management provides interlligent traffic management with rate limiting , policing, shaping ,and mulkticase support.
*Layer3 Managed switched switches: solves internet bottelneck problem by embedding classical routing in the switch hardware that routes traffica at high speeds
with interlligent isolating faults premium, stackable L3+ Switch with advanced routing protocal for non-blocaking L2/L3 switching.

Multi Service Router:

*It is modular core router used for small and medium sized business.
*Handles data, Voice/Video hybrid dial up access , Virtual Private networks and multi protocol packets.
*its high performance . modular architecture protects customers investment and intergrates the functions of serveral devices into single manageable solutions.

Leased Line Modems

*Multiple clocking option *Option of E1,V.35,64Kbps G.703 and 10/100 Mbps Ethernet bridge on DTE ports
*Loop back and pattern generation/checking tests for fault isolation
*Options of AC,DC or both power supply inputs
*Option for menu driven supervisory terminal , LCD Keypad or DIP switch for configuration
*Avaiable for 2Mbps or 65kbps speed
*Front Panel indicators for status display
*Operates at selectable data rates from 64 kbps to 2048 kbps. Allows speed vs distrance trade off.

Routing Solution

*This Routing solution provides interlligent services availability and quality of servies that make it possible for companies to optimize online applications, manage operations more easily and stream line administration.

Firewall/UTM Solition

*Provides secure data communication and pratects online transactions
*UTM (Unified Threat Management) Combining multi tired proactive defense that meets the demands of new paradigm of network communication
*It inspects real time applications,files,content based filtering , content filtering, Phising prevention. Protection from spy ware ,viruses and spam, instant messaging
*Provides IP base , IP GROUP base and MAC Address wise access restriction through policy
*Based granular bandwidth allocation & application level

Video Conferencing Solution

*Video conferencing solution enable users to succesfully connect and conference.
*Can communicate on IP based or ISDN based network two people in private offices(Point to point) or involve several sites (multi point) with more than one person in large rooms at defferent sites.
*This solution enables us to communicate & share audio/video information in real time over any network with clear voice and picture quality.
*Besides this you can share documents during video conferencing .
*Scalable from PC/Laptop/Desktop to large conference rooms which can cater up to 20-25 participants.

Converters: Ethernet to E1 Bridge

*Operates in pairs to allow networks to be bridged over E1 links
*option for bulit in 2-4 port ethernet switch. Ethernet interfaces are auto sensing 10/100 base t conpatible
*basic model allwos E1 format and spees to be selected as unframed 2048 kbps or framed 1984 kbps
*Extrended model has supervisory port which allows full slot selection framed mode operation through menu driven interfae
*balanced (1200hm) and unbalanced (75 ohm) e1 interface provided
*Ordering time option for 230VAC or -48 VDC power supply input
*Built in test pattern generator and checker for qualitative and quantitative error performacne.
Performance monitoring of the E1 interface:
*Look back facilities for fault isolation
*Fornt panel indicator for status display


Firewall Solition


Routing Solution


SSL VPN Solution


Video Conferencing